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Bay Area Coatings, LLC has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. We are licensed, bonded, insured and registered with the state of California and the Better Business Bureau.
Our products and service cover both commercial and residential. We can provide you with a new, fresh updated look for a fraction of the price of replacing or doing a full remodel. Our safe, green eco-friendly method is what sets us apart from other coating companies.


We know we are great at what we do, but more importantly is why our clients think we are too!

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From bathtubs, shower stalls, shower pans, surrounds, floors, garage floors, kitchen counter tops and sinks, bathroom vanities and sinks, non-slip applications and mats. We have the knowledge, expertise and passion to meet and exceed your residential project needs.


One of the greatest investments people make is buying a home. We take pride in helping people protect, refinish or renew their homes. Our work helps to increase the longevity or property value of their home.

Available Finishes

We offer an extensive selection of finishes to help breathe new life into your furnishings. From standard to unique we offer a wide selection to meet your needs. You can discover some of the amazing colors and finishes we offer below.


Since 1990 we have worked hard to serve our residential customers. Through these decades of hard work we have compiled some of our favorite projects to help you get a better idea of what we can do. Click below to discover.


From floors, partitions, walls, shower stalls, sinks and countertops; we have the knowledge expertise and passion to meet and exceed your commercial needs.

We know the hard work that goes into running a successful business. We work hard to partner with our commercial clients to meet and exceed their business needs. To discover finishes we offer or projects we’ve done follow the link below.


We understand that for many of our clients this is a new experience. We have created an extensive FAQ section to help answer some of the most common questions. Should you still find yourself with questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Since day one, we have worked hard to be the best and do everything with excellence. Over the years we have developed new processes and only use the most highly trained and skilled employees.

We stand by our work. It’s this commitment to excellence that we are confident in that allows us to offer a warranty for all the work we do. To find out more follow the link below.

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