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STONE-FLECKS™ is an acrylic polymer based coating system that produces the stone or granite like finish so popular in today's kitchens and bathrooms.

With STONE-FLECKS™ you can quickly and inexpensively upgrade a wide range of surfaces with a new modern look in just a matter of hours!

See the Stone Flecks™ COLORS



Refinishing bathroom and kitchen fixtures, walls, and solid surfaces produces spectacular much as 70% over the cost of replacement.

Combined with our unique bonding agents and protective finishes, STONE-FLECKS™ allows you a full range of options in upgrading all kinds of surfaces at an economical price.


STONE-FLECKS uses a state-of -the-art formula that consists of a background or base color and the color flecks. These flecks are a highly unique part of the proprietary STONE-FLECKS process. The color flecks are sealed in during the manufacturing process and released during the spraying application.

This easy to use coating system ensures an evenly dispersed color pattern and goes on more consistently then other multi-color finishes, making surfaces come alive.

Proven Durability
Tested against the leading multi-color brands, STONE-FLECKS delivers superior durability, color fastness, abrasion and stain resistance, and flexibility. All of these properties give STONE-FLECKS™ a distinct advantage when refinishing contact surfaces such as vanities, countertops, and ceramic tile.

When you choose STONE-FLECKS to upgrade your kitchens and bathrooms, you are choosing the best!

In The Kitchen
Create beautiful, colorful, fine-texture finishes that mimic stone and granite on countertops and cabinets. Using STONE-FLECKS instead of wall paper is less expensive and lasts much longer..with no seams.

In The Bathroom
Give you ceramic wall tile the look and feel of solid stone, refinish cultured marble tops, or seal your walls against damage from moisture. STONE-FLECKS can even be used on tubs and sinks!

Other Uses
STONE-FLECKS™ can be used on many other types of surfaces such as bathroom dividers, cinderblock tile and floors.

Why not call today and see how much  STONE-FLECKS can do for you?

See the Stone Flecks™ COLORS

All colors shown in this chart are stocked colors and are designed to be coordinated with and compliment the latest and most popular kitchen and bathroom designs.

All colors are available in a natural, matte, semi-gloss, or full gloss finish, depending on the type of clearcoat selected and the actual surface being refinished.



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