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  • Avoid allowing wet items such as bath mats, wash cloths, and towels to remain continuously on a refinished surface without drying out between uses. Mats with suction cups should Not be used. (These mats will damage the coating).

  • Clean the finish regularly with a liquid soap; Green Works, Simple Green, Fantastic, Arm & Hammer Shower Clean, Soft Scrub, Scrubbing Bubbles and many others.

  • DO NOT lay soap, metal bottles on the finished surface.

  • Be sure that your faucet taps are dry and not dripping after using the fixture. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish causing it to crack and wear out prematurely, and voiding the guarantee.

  • Waiting period: The new finish needs at least 24-72 HOURS (depending on type of coating) to cure thoroughly. For the first 7 days cleaning solutions or cleaning products should NOT be used on the coated surfaces.

  • Our surface can be regularly cleaned and sanitized with a good liquid cleaner of your choice. Do not use cleaners that contain abrasives, harsh acids, or bleach. Most worn tubs, sinks and tile become worn and dull due to abrasive cleansers and not age or usage.

  • Please note: all newly refinished surfaces will have some surface dust which will have settled into the new surface. Do not be alarmed; the surface is still within its long term of cure period; normal use and regular cleaning will remove all minor surface dust.

  • Standing water: if the refinished surface of the shower pan/bathtub/sink is slanted or dished and causes water to pool away from the drain area, it is important to remove that water, (e.g., with a squeegee) and assure the surface dries after every use to prevent deterioration of the finish and eventual peeling.



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