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A non-slip stencil is a template with oval shapes or “holes” allowing the application of a non-slip additive to the floor of your bathtub or shower.

As the refinishing coating is generally glossy, the application of the non-slip material allows you to have the bright, shiny finish on your tub or shower while providing a safe, non-slip floor surface.

The non-slip surface is low profile and, once the top coat has been applied, the imprint is nearly invisible to the eye.

See how it’s done - Resurfacing Non Slip Photos.



Put an end to Slipping and Sliding.

Adding a Non-Slip surface to your existing Tile, Ceramic, Marble or Porcelain floors and bathtubs can greatly reduce injuries resulting from slipping and sliding on slick surfaces. Bay Area Coatings products and service can help in protecting your guests and family from such slips and slides. Perfect for Commercial and residential applications. Email or Call Us for more info.

Ensure Maximum Non-Slip Safety in the Bathtub with our simple and effective, low-cost solution.

Protect your beautifully finished bathtub with Bay Area Coatings' specially designed non-skid bath mats. Made from textured rubber that guarantees sure footing, these bath mats provide maximum nonslip safety without suction cups that can damage your bathtub's finished surface.

Our nonslip rubber bath mats are the only ones on the market that are designated safe for your Bay Area Coatings bath surface. Available is white of clear, these bath mats are made to last with the most durable premium rubber, and they're machine washable for your convenience.

Order today to make your bathtub safer and protect its and protect its surface for years to come

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