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Refinishing F.A.Q.

What is your process
We use a 3 step process explained here [top]

My tub is peeling, can it be refinished
Yes, An additional process of stripping the old failed coating is required. Please let us know if your surfaces have been refinished before so we can provide the correct quote. [top]

How long does the process take
It depends on the number of surfaces being refinished. Most surfaces take 4-5 hours to refinish and require 24 hours to cure. [top]

Can I cancel or reschedule
We require a 3 day notice on scheduled jobs. [top]

When is payment expected
Payment is required at job completion. Commercial accounts are invoiced for payment within 30 days. [top]

Hardware Replacement
Frequently when hardware is changed on a sink or tub, the “footprint,” the area covered by the hardware, is smaller than the previous or original hardware.  Bay Area Coatings suggests that if you are thinking about new hardware for your sink or tub, it should be replaced prior to refinishing.  Done after refinishing, there is the possibility of older unfinished surface being revealed by the smaller “footprint” of the new hardware. [top]

Hardware removal prior to refinishing
Bay Area Coatings makes every effort to carefully remove certain hardware such as the overflow drain cover of a tub prior to refinishing.  Often, it is in the customer’s best interest to plan on replacing an old, worn, or corroded cover plate with a new one that won’t detract from the look of the newly refinished bath tub.  When the overflow drain cover also has a toggle for opening and closing the drain, consideration should also be given to replacing the unit, as time, exposure to water, and mineral buildup can cause the toggle to become difficult to operate or freeze completely.  Bay Area Coatings is not responsible for such failure of a unit which has corrosion and mineral buildup, nor is responsible for replacement. [top]
Bay Area Coatings does not engage in plumbing.  Removal/replacement of fixtures, i.e., water controls, tub spouts, shower heads, and drain flanges/stoppers, or disconnecting/reconnecting pipes are in the scope of a qualified plumber, and such work must be undertaken either prior to or after refinishing, depending on the circumstances. [top]

Porcelain and Rust
Bathroom sinks which have rust developing at the overflow drain hole(s), and which has stained or lifted the porcelain at or around the hole(s) can be refinished, but Bay Area Coatings does not offer any warranty, express or implied, on such a refinish.  Every effort is made to remove all rust and apply the finish in a manner which will give long service, but under such circumstances, the rust may return in as little as a few weeks.  Bay Area Coatings is not responsible for repairing the finish nor further removal of any rust. [top]

Painting Precautions
If the customer is considering repainting any walls adjacent to any area to be refinished by Bay Area Coatings, it is strongly suggested that such painting be done after refinishing is complete.  Fresh paint, even when it appears thoroughly dry, is not fully cured until approximately a month’s time and is still subject to lifting or peeling for several weeks if masking tape is applied to it, then removed.  Care is always taken in the removal of our masking paper, plastic, and blue painter’s tape, but Bay Area Coatings is not responsible for any paint which might detach or peel on removal of masking materials. [top]

Leaking Fixtures
Before Bay Area Coatings arrives to begin any refinishing work, the customer must insure that there are no leaks or dripping water from any fixtures associated with the refinishing work to be done.  Water will prevent the freshly applied finish from curing properly and will cause early failure of the new finish wherever there has been contact with water during curing. [top]

Returned check policy

  • If your check is returned unpaid by your bank for insufficient funds, stopped payment, or account closure, Bay Area Coatings will notify you and allow 10 days to make full payment by cash, money order, or credit card.  If a stop payment is made or a check is returned for insufficient funds, only cash, credit card, or certified funds shall be acceptable as payment made to Bay Area Coatings, Inc.  Issuance of another check shall be unacceptable.

  • If full payment is not received within 10 days, a Mechanic’s lien will be file against the property.

  • You will be charged a $75 fee for any check returned unpaid for any reason. [top]





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